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Currently, George Krstic is busy scripting a live-action horror feature with acclaimed Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura, (Midnight Meat Train, Azumi) as well as serving as writer/producer on two of his own upcoming features -The Dark Vault, an animated horror project, and Manga Gundan an indie action-comedy.

Additionally, Krstic is in talks to adapt The Five Killers, a sci-fi action series concept he developed with Eric Calderon (Afro Samurai) and Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) as a live-action studio feature.

George Krsticís other credits include directing for film - the multiple-award winning The Last Actor, writing for television - the Emmy-nominated MTV Downtown, and most recently, George Lucas' new Clone Wars series, as well as co-creating the fan-favorite Cartoon Network series, Megas XLR - in addition to scripting a number of on-going comic book and manga titles.

As well as developing his own projects, Krstic has joined forces with artist Su Moon to create animated shows, children's books and trippy manga.

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