Motorcity Heads to Disney / 10.15.10

George Krstic and Megas XLR supervising director Chris Prynoski team up for another foray into animated sci-fi action with Motorcity - "an animated series set in a futuristic Detroit after it has been purchased and built into Detroit Deluxe by evil billionaire Abraham Kane."

For the full article, and more info on the series, check out

SyFy Channel Announces Orion / 7.30.10

Variety reports today that George Krstic's next project - Orion has been picked up for development as a live-action series for SyFy.

"Orion, described as National Treasure meets Firefly, is a space opera centering on a female relic hunter and her team. The crew looks to sell valuable items on the black market while avoiding bounty hunters."

Krstic will be serving as executive producer along with co-creator Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus), and writers Dirk Blackman and Howard MacCain (Outlander).

For more info, check out the full article.

"Cargo of Doom" Hit with Fans and Critics / 10.16.09

Debuting with nearly 2.6 million viewers, the second season of Clone Wars returned strong with two back-to-back episodes: "Holocron Heist" and "Cargo of Doom."

Written by George Krstic and directed by Rob Coleman, animation director of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, "Doom" has been racking up the ratings as well as numerous rave reviews .

Forcecast Talks to Krstic about Clone Wars Season Two / 9.11.09

Krstic sits down with the Forcecast team and chats about writing for Star Wars, and how it's OK to love Star Trek as well as "The Wars."

Head over to the Forcecast website for the interview.

UK News Site Interview / 8.17.09

British online journalist Rob Beck chats with George about his experience writing for Clone Wars and the future of Megas XLR.

Click for the full interview.

Clone Wars Nominated for Saturn Award / 3.26.09

Cartoon Network's Clone Wars animated series garnered a nomination from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in the "Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series" category.

Winners will be announced on June 25th. For a full list of of the nominees and more info on the Saturn Awards, click here.

Exclusive Five Killers & Clone Wars Season Two Info / 3.25.09

In a recent interview with Fictional Frontiers, Krstic dropped hints about his upcoming projects including the second season of Clone Wars as well as the latest update on the anime series Five Killers.

Listen to the interview here.

And check out the trailer for Five Killers.

Fictional Frontiers to Interview Krstic / 3.17.09

Sunday March 22nd at 11AM, Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib on WNJC 1360 AM-Philadelphia, will be talking to Krstic about his work on the Star Wars Ryloth saga, as well as his upcoming project with the team behind Afro Samurai.

Head over to for more info, and tune in on Sunday to hear the latest on Clone Wars and Krstic's next anime action-fest, Five Killers. Talks To Krstic About Ryloth Saga / 2.26.09

The official site breaks it down with an exclusive interview - "This is a very epic episode -- it's grand and operatic ala the old days of the original Star Wars," (Krstic) says. "There are so many wonderful aspects to this episode because Ahsoka must deal with real life and death situations, and the result isn't good.

Check out the full interview here here.

Krstic Discusses Storm Over Ryloth / 2.24.09

In an exclusive interview, Starwars-Universe talks to George about writing the first chapter of the upcoming Ryloth trilogy.

Check out the interview here here.

ILM's Top Director On Animating Krstic's Script / 1.23.09

In this month's issue of Star Wars Insider, Rob Coleman, veteran of the Star Wars prequels and respected animation director talks about the fun he had working on Krstic's Downfall of a Droid episode.

Click here for more information. >>

Forcecast Interviews Krstic on Writing Star Wars / 11.7.08

Joining Jason & Jimmy "In The Cantina" is Clone Wars writer George Krstic. George talks about his work on the latest episode of TCW, "Downfall of a Droid", and growing up with Star Wars.

Click here to listen. >>

Krstic on working with R2-D2 / 11.3.08

George Krstic talks about his love of robots and action figures on Lucasfilm's official site.

"Directed by Rob Coleman and written by George Krstic, Downfall of a Droid is the first episode to feature the beloved astromech droid -- who Krstic, creator of Cartoon Network's Megas XLR, says is his favorite Star Wars character..."

Read the full interview on Star >>

George Krstic Interviewed by Starwars-Universe / 11.2.08

The French website has posted an exclusive interview with Krstic discussing his upcoming (Nov. 7th) Clone Wars episode, Downfall of a Droid.

Check out the interview here >>

Clone Wars Debut Shatters Ratings Records / 10.7.08

Variety reports that Friday's premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars garnered the highest ratings for a series launch in Cartoon Network's history.

Serving as a writer on the first season, George Krstic's debut episode, "Downfall of a Droid" will premier in a few weeks on Cartoon Network's Friday night action block.

Scorenotes Interview / 9.2.08

George Krstic talks soundtracks, movies, Star Wars and more in this candid interview with ScoreNotes.

Listen to the interview here. >>

Station / Krstic Interviewed / 7.01.08

Out this month, Boom Studio's Station has a brief Q&A with Krstic on his work in the comic book world.

Check out Station here>>

Anime Insider / Five Killers - On the Hunt / 6.20.08

July's issue of Anime Insider mentions Krstic and his colaboration with Eric Calderon (Afro Samurai) on their upcoming Five Killers anime series.

Pick up the issue at newstands now, and check out the Five Killers trailer here>>

Comics Bulletin / Krstic & Cthulhu - Both Hard to Spell! / 2.20.08

Mark Waid (Flash, 52) and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) talk about Boom Studio's on-going Cthulhu Tales comic, and why Krstic's name creeps them out.

Read the full interview here >>

The / 3D Clone Wars Theater Bound? / 11.29.07

According to a report by The, Lucas is considering a feature release to kick off the launch of the CG series.

Krstic wrote a number of the episodes that may be under consideration for inclusion in the theatrical release.

Read the full article here >> / The "Other" George / 8.24.07 posts the story behind a case of mistaken identity that got George Krstic mixed up with George Lucas, and wound up landing fellow Star Wars fan Dave Filoni (Avatar) a gig alongside Krstic on The Clone Wars.

Read the full article here >>

Fusion Fall Manga Review / 8.10.07

"The comic sets a good backstory, provides a device justifying all of the CN properties getting together, and provides some nice sub-plots (romance and infighting) to boot."

Read the full review here >>

Star / Producing The Clone Wars / 8.4.07

"The beauty of this series is that we have the flexibility to tell all different kinds of stories, some that are more narrative and personally focused along with others which are much more action driven. The overall goal and spirit, however, is tonally following the flavor of Episode IV."

Read the full article here >>

Jo Blo / Five Killers Trailer Online / 8.3.07

"Besides the nifty premise (a quintet of retired killers are hunted by the "ultimate assassin"), it's from people who worked on the groovy animated shows AFRO SAMURAI and CLONE WARS, along with comic veteran writer Mark Waid..."

Read the full article here >>

Gamasutra / Megas in Cartoon Network MMO / 8.2.07

"For example, if you want a Megas XLR nano you may need to do a mission for [Megas XLR character] Coop who can help you build a Megas nano."

Read the full article here >>

Star Wars Insider / Clone Wars first look / 7.20.07

On stands now, the September issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine offers a brief preview of what's to come.

Anime News Network / Five Killers in Development / 7.17.07

"12-episode series in development with Clone Wars, Kingdom Come co-writers..."

Read the full article here >>

LA Times / Star Wars on TV / 5.29.07

"The Jedi are coming to television - and, judging by the thunderous ovation on Sunday that greeted a sneak peak of the animated CGI show, the Force remains strong with them..."

Read the full article here >>

Megas Comic Book Review / 5.08.06

"The Megas XLR story 'Speed Limit,' by George Krstic and Jeff Albrecht, rounds out the issue.

This is the property I've had the least exposure to before this issue, and ironically, I think it's the best story..."

Read the full review here >>

G4 TV Interview / 10.13.04

"Starting its second season Saturday, Oct. 16 at 9:00 pm, the Cartoon Network's Megas XLR is probably the coolest addition to Saturday evenings in years. Combining slamming robot destruction with hot-rod kustom culture, Megas XLR tells the story of a young gearhead who discovers a giant robot..."

Read the full interview here >>

Animation World Network / 9.9.04

2004 Comic Con report featuring Megas XLR.

Read the full article here >>

New York Times / 6.06.04

"The cartoon world has given birth to dozens of legendary towns: Gotham City. Bedrock. Springfield.

Add Jersey City to that list.

Yes, Jersey City, which is demolished nearly every Saturday at 9 p.m. by giant robot alien invaders from the future in the Cartoon Network's new animated series 'Megas XLR,' an homage to Japanese animation, muscle cars, video games and wrestling..."

Read the full article here >>

Revolution SF / 5.11.04

"The crossover between Japanese and American pop culture may just have reached its pinnacle with this show.

Megas XLR is the heartwarming story of a talented young car customizer from New Jersey, his slacker buddy, the giant robot he salvaged from his local junkyard, and the ass-kicking girl who came back from the future..."

Read the full article here >>

Courier Post / 5.3.04

"Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic are out in Hollywood now, but the young animators haven’t forgotten their Jersey roots. Indeed, the Garden State has a special role in their new cartoon, Megas XLR..."

Read the full interview here >>

Hollywood Reporter / 5.1.04

"Clerks" meets "Independence Day" with a giant war robot...

Read the full article here >>

Star Bulletin / 4.30.04

"The robot battles have a comic unrealism made even more funny when Coop maneuvers Megas into actual wrestling moves to smash aliens..."

Read the full article here >>

Animation Magazine / 4.20.04

"Imagine what a New Jersey kid who customizes cars would do with an 80-foot robot he found in a junkyard. Then imagine what would happen when aliens from the future come back to destroy the colossal Earth defense mechanism. That’s the idea behind Megas XLR, the new animated, comedic action/adventure..."

Read the full interview here >>

Animated Bliss / 2.25.04

"In Megas XLR, a comedic action-adventure that premieres on Cartoon Network on Saturday, May 1, at 9 p.m. (ET, PT), a breed of reptilian aliens from the future is bearing down on New Jersey, seeking to destroy an 80-foot robot and everything else they encounter. Meanwhile, the show’s hero, Coop, would rather play..."

Read the full article here >>

New York Times / 7.06.03

"The success of animated TV series and Hollywood features focus on the freedom the genre gives to comedy writers, who find they can use physical gags and raw humor that would never work in live action productions..."

Read the full article here >>

Cartoon Network Press Release / 5.12.03

Cartoon Network announced today that it is giving the greenlight to LowBrow, an animated action-comedy that combines the world of souped-up hotrods with giant fighting robots from the future.

Read the full article here >>

New York Times / Dug in with a DJ, waiting for Y2K / 12.16.99

"They will live for a week in the bowels of Times Square as a kind of survival squad in case the forebodings of millennial Jeremiahs come true. Their stay is being called the Bunker Project -- 'The Real World' meets the end of the world..."

Read the full article here >>

Hollywood Reporter / MTV Downtown Wows / 8.2.99

"'MTV Downtown' characters Alex, Chaka, Jen, Fruity, Mecca, Matt, Serena and Goat don't speak in exaggerated, stylized lingo but in sharply written, humorous dialogue. Most notable are the voice performances, better than in most animation.

Despite the slightly distracting hipster soundtrack, the writing quality rivals that of a live-action series."

Read the full article here >>

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