George Krstic

Born in a small Midwestern town, Krstic traveled the world following the visions jammed into his head by the likes of Ray Bradbury, George Lucas, and Stan Lee. Eventually making his way to New York City, Krstic attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts.

During his time at SVA, Krstic wrote and directed The Last Actor, a sci-fi film about a Shakespearean troupe’s final performance. Winning the coveted CINE Golden Eagle, The Last Actor went on to win over a dozen more awards worldwide.

Honing his craft, Krstic spent the next few years on the sets of indie movies and television series while pulling double-duty as a writer and editor of the influential cyber-culture magazine Axcess.

His first experience with television animation, MTV Downtown, where he served as story-editor and writer, yielded an Emmy nomination and allowed Krstic to pursue his own series - Megas XLR, a show that had everything he loved from his youth: robots, time-travel, aliens and over-the-top comedy.

Cartoon Network loved the idea and Krstic was given his own little sci-fi sandbox to play in - that is until he moved on to play in George Lucas’ much larger sandbox, where he currently writes on the new Clone Wars series while balancing his time between his own film, television and comic book projects.

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